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Tinnitus Evaluation & Management

Tinnitus can have a tremendous impact on one’s quality of life. It can affect sleep and cause anxiety, frustration, and stress. While there is no known cure, our team at Clayton Park Audiology can help minimize the negative impact of tinnitus through education, counseling, and various forms of sound therapy.

Tinnitus Evaluation

A tinnitus evaluation will determine the severity of your tinnitus and the impact it is having on your daily life. It may also rule out or confirm the cause of your tinnitus. The evaluation process is very important as it will guide your audiologist in making appropriate tinnitus management recommendations which may involve referral to another specialist, if necessary.

A recent hearing assessment is required and must be provided, if tested elsewhere, prior or during your tinnitus evaluation appointment.

A comprehensive tinnitus evaluation includes:

  • Extensive Medical Case History
  • Tinnitus pitch and loudness matching, when necessary
  • Tinnitus Questionnaires
  • Medication Review
  • Results and Recommendations

A tinnitus evaluation appointment with our registered audiologist costs $200. If necessary, results will be sent to your family physician or specialist, upon request, for no additional fee. Our clinic does not direct-bill to private insurance plans for tinnitus evaluations. A detailed receipt will be provided for claim purposes.

Tinnitus Management

At Clayton Park Audiology, our goal is help you understand your tinnitus and find tinnitus relief. Our tinnitus counseling and sound therapy recommendations will support you through this process.

Counseling and Education

Arguably the most important part of tinnitus management is counseling and education. Our tinnitus counseling services aim to demystify tinnitus, identify tinnitus triggers, support tinnitus habituation, reduce stress, and identify practical tinnitus management strategies that can be easily implemented into daily life.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are an effective way to manage tinnitus, even for people with normal hearing. Use of hearing aids increases auditory stimulation which decreases tinnitus perception, a phenomenon known as “masking”. Hearing aids also improve communication which decreases the negative psychological impacts of tinnitus such as social isolation and frustration.

Tinnitus Masking Programs

Some hearing aids come equipped with tinnitus masking programs that registered audiologists can program for added tinnitus relief. These programs are often used in quiet settings when focus and concentration are required. Programs can include various forms of broadband noise and fractal tones designed to reduce tinnitus perception.

Sound Generators

A sound generator is a device that provides sound therapy such as white noise or other relaxing sounds. These devices are typically placed on a table and can be used to help manage bothersome tinnitus during sleep. There are also several affordable tinnitus masking apps available through smartphone app stores.


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