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Making Hearing Healthcare Affordable and Accessible

At Clayton Park Audiology we would like to help as many people as possible find a hearing solution. We are pleased to be able to offer various hearing aid brands, styles, and performance levels to our clients.

Our Hearing Health Service Plan

Enjoy the convenience and peace-of-mind of our hearing aid service plan included in the purchase of your new hearing aids. Our service plan is offered on all hearing aid performance levels.

60-Day Trial Period

We work closely with you during your trial period to ensure you are satisfied with your hearing aid(s). If for any reason you are not satisfied, we are happy offer an exchange or a full refund.

5-Year Service Plan 

We offer unlimited audiological care and hearing aid services, including wax removal, during your 5-year service plan period. This gives you confidence that your hearing health and hearing aid(s) are always being taken care of.

3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Three years of coverage for any repairs that we are unable to fix in clinic, at no additional charge.

2-3 Year Loss & Damage Warranty

One time coverage, per hearing aid, for loss or irreparable damage to the hearing aid(s). Duration of coverage and deductible can vary. See clinic for details.

3-Year Battery Replacement & Supply 

3-year supply of batteries or rechargeable battery replacement, depending on the style of the hearing aid(s).  

Routine Cleaning and On-Site Repairs

Hearing aid cleaning and performance checks are scheduled every six months. If concerns arise sooner, you are always more than welcome to schedule an earlier appointment.

Routine Hearing Testing and Hearing Aid Programming

We recommend follow-up hearing tests every year or sooner if changes are noted. If your hearing changes over time, your hearing aids will be adjusted and/or refit to reflect your new prescription as part of your service plan. 

On-Going Support, Counselling, and Educational Resources

We are passionate about supporting our clients and their families with ongoing counselling and educational resources from the latest hearing health research findings and best practices. 

6-Month Payment Plan

At Clayton Park Audiology your hearing health and overall well-being is our top priority. Our flexible 6-month payment plan allows you to choose the hearing devices best-suited for your hearing, lifestyle, and budget.

  • 50% down payment required
  • Remaining balance is due over 6 equal monthly payments
  • Interest free
  • Early payment is optional


Hearing Aid Pricing

Best Technology


60 Day Trial Period
5 Year Service Plan
3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
3 Year Loss & Damage Warranty*
3 Year Battery Supply

Investment in Hearing Health 

Pair: $5700 to $5990
Each: $2850 to $2950

Better technology


60 Day Trial Period
5 Year Service Plan
3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
3 Year Loss & Damage Warranty*
3 Year Battery Supply

Investment in Hearing Health 

Pair: $5200 to $5400
Each: $2600 to $2700

Good technology


60 Day Trial Period
5 Year Service Plan
3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
3 Year Loss & Damage Warranty*
3 Year Battery Supply

Investment in Hearing Health 

Pair: $4100 to $4300
Each: $2050 to $2150

The above pricing is based on our preferred manufacturers and is subject to change. *Some offerings are manufacturer specific. Premium+ and Entry technology is also available. See clinic for details.

Private Insurance Plan Coverage

Most private insurance providers offer coverage for hearing aids and other assistive listening devices.

Every insurance provider is different. We recommend patients check with their insurance provider regarding their coverage prior to their hearing aid consultation appointment. Some insurance providers allow for direct billing; however, most plans require members to pay in full and submit their receipts and hearing aid prescription for reimbursement.

Third Party Coverage

Our registered audiologists have years of experience assisting clients who are applying for, appealing, and receiving third party benefits.

We are pleased to offer our high-quality services and direct billing to clients with third-party coverage from:

  • Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)
  • Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia (WCB)
  • Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB)
  • Nova Scotia Department of Community Services

Hearing Aid Assistance

Our team is dedicated to finding hearing solutions for patients who may not have the resources to afford them. Our clinic works closely with TEAM Work Cooperative, a government funded organization that supports employment and retention among Deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Visit their website for more information: TEAM Work Cooperative | Invested in Inclusive Employment

Service Plan for Out-of-Clinic Transfers

To purchase a service plan, your hearing aid(s) must be in good working order and must not be over 5 years old. We can service most hearing aid manufacturers. Please contact our clinic for more information. Service plans are non-refundable.

The Importance of Follow-Up Care

Routine follow-up care is crucial for hearing aid success. At Clayton Park Audiology we recommend hearing aid cleaning and testing every 6 months and follow-up hearing tests every year for all hearing aid clients.


Feel empowered with more choice and individualized care.

Our philosophy is quite simple: Treat people how they want to be treated. Being truly independent means we can offer appropriate follow-up care and a variety of hearing aid brands.