Our Philosophy of Care

People first, always.

Affordable and accessible hearing healthcare.

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Clayton Park Audiology is a family-centered clinic owned and operated by a registered audiologist. We are proud to be a local independent woman-owned business in the HRM.

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Hearing connects us

Do I need a hearing aid?

90% of hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids. If you find yourself asking others to repeat themselves, feel others are mumbling, or are beginning to withdraw from activities you once loved, you could be experiencing the first signs of hearing loss. At Clayton Park Audiology we offer exceptional individualized care and specialize in the top hearing aid brands recognized worldwide.


Hearing Tests

Our audiologists provide comprehensive diagnostic hearing tests for adults and school-aged children.

Tinnitus Evaluation

We help minimize the negative impact of tinnitus through education and various forms of sound therapy.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aid fitting, cleaning, and repair based on client-specific details.


Our hope is to reach more people in the community who may benefit from our services and expertise but are a bit skeptical or nervous to take the first steps.

Clayton Park Audiology Blog

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Ear Wax Do’s and Don’ts

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Feel empowered with more choice and individualized care.

Our philosophy is quite simple: Treat people how they want to be treated. Being truly independent means we can offer appropriate follow-up care and a variety of hearing aid brands.

Clayton Park Audiology Patient Reviews

“I was having difficulty hearing out of my left ear and Lyndsay really helped me and now I can hear great again 🙂 She…

Maddy Graves

“I’m a performing musician who sometimes gets tinnitus after concerts. Lyndsay gave me the straight goods on my hearing health and shared exactly what…

Gerald Coleman

“Lyndsay was very knowledgeable, and as a customer already with hearing aids, she made me feel very comfortable, and spent the time to go…

Wendall MacDonald

“I have been seeing Lyndsay for a number of years now for my hearing loss. She is very knowledgeable and thorough. She listens to…

John Eisnor

“Lyndsay was very understanding, and we had great discussions about hearing tests, hearing loss and hearing aids. Learnt a lot from her! You don’t…


Our Trusted and Preferred Hearing Aid Manufacturers

These are our preferred hearing aid brands to work with. At Clayton Park Audiology you can feel confident knowing we will always offer the latest state-of-the-art hearing solutions that are best for our client’s needs.