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Hearing Aid Programming


The Hearing Aid Fitting Process

The foundation of a hearing aid fitting is based on a patient’s hearing test results, however, there are several additional variables that our audiologists consider, ensuring our patient's hearing aids are fit appropriately. Additional audiometric details such as hearing loss configuration, hearing loss severity, and cause of hearing loss can significantly impact the effectiveness of a hearing aid fitting if not refined appropriately. Patientt-specific details such as ear canal shape and size, client cognition, client dexterity, and even client preference, personality, and expectation can also play an important role.

Our registered audiologists are highly trained and have years of experience fitting various brands of hearing aids.

Real-Ear-Measurements (REMs)

REMs are an essential verification tool used during the hearing aid fitting process to ensure a patient’s hearing aids are fit accurately for their unique ear canal size and shape. All hearing aid fittings at Clayton Park Audiology are verified using REMs.


What To Expect During Your Fitting

Your hearing aid fitting appointment will be scheduled for 1 hour. We strongly recommend you bring a primary communication partner such as a spouse, family member, or friend to your appointment.

Here are some things you can expect during your hearing aid fitting appointment:

Programming: Your audiologist will run several acoustic measurements such as a feedback test, insitu-audiometry, and real-ear-measurements (REMs) to ensure your hearing aids are programmed accurately for your hearing loss prescription and ear canal size and shape.
Counseling: Your audiologist will counsel you on adaptation, appropriate wear time, and realistic expectations.
Practice inserting and removing: Your audiologist will ensure you are able to insert and remove your new hearing aids before leaving the clinic.
Review of basic components and functions: Having a basic understanding of how your hearing aids work will lead to a more successful hearing aid experience. Your audiologist will review how to turn the hearing aids on and off, and how to change the battery if using disposable, and how to use your charger if using rechargeable technology.
Review of care and cleaning: Your audiologist will review how to properly store and clean your hearing aids.
Bluetooth connectivity: Your audiologist will review Bluetooth connectivity to your smart devices.

Used Hearing Aids

Criteria for Fitting Used Hearing Aids

  1. Hearing aids must be transferable to another user by the manufacturer.
  2. Hearing aids must be under 5 years of age.
  3. Hearing aids must be a RIC or BTE style.
  4. Hearing aids must pass electronic specification testing (ANSI testing). This testing can be performed by our clinic for a fee of $70.
  5. Clients wishing to be fit with used hearing aids must have a recent hearing test (within 6 months). A hearing test can be completed by our clinic for a fee of $80.

If the above criteria are met, we are happy to provide our hearing aid fitting services for your used hearing aids for a fee of $250 per ear. This fee includes two follow-up appointments within 30 days of the fitting appointment. Additional follow-up appointments will carry a base fee of $70 per appointment.

Reprogramming Used Hearing Aids

If someone has donated their used hearing aids to you, we would be happy to have a discussion with you to determine if their hearing aids will suit your hearing needs.


Follow-up Adjustments

At Clayton Park Audiology, we believe consistent routine follow-up care is crucial for hearing aid success. As part of our service plan, we recommend follow-up appointments every six months to a year for hearing tests and hearing aid adjustments. When small changes in hearing are found, your hearing aids will be fine-tuned to accommodate for this change. If significant changes in hearing are found, REMs will be performed based on your new prescription.

Patients whose service plan has expired or who do not have a service plan with our clinic will be charged a $70 programming appointment fee. Please note, Real Ear Measurement (REM) verification is available for an additional fee of $50 per ear.


Feel empowered with more choice and individualized care.

Our philosophy is quite simple: Treat people how they want to be treated. Being truly independent means we can offer appropriate follow-up care and a variety of hearing aid brands.