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Widex is a Danish company founded in 1956. In 2019, Widex merged with Sivantos (formerly Siemens) to create WS Audiology. Widex focuses their research and design on developing the most natural sounding hearing aids. Widex believes that once you put a hearing aid on you should not have to think about it until you take it off again at night. Widex is known for their exceptionally clear sound quality and are the industry leaders in tinnitus management sound therapy.


Widex SmartRIC™ Hearing Aid

Designed with the Moment™ platform and Widex’s PureSound™ and ZeroDelay™ technology, SmartRIC delivers the fastest sound processing available in digital hearing aids. Together these technologies eliminate delay-based distortion giving users with mild to moderate hearing loss an incredibly natural sound. Users with more severe hearing loss will benefit from Widex’s classic universal sound also with industry leading minimal delay.

Designed with a very slim profile, Widex SmartRIC introduces new angles by its L shaped 20-degree design which positions the microphones to better capture speech and align with the wearer’s listening focus.

SmartRIC is the Company’s longest lasting rechargeable hearing aid, providing up to 37 hours on a single 4-hour charge. Patients that are always on the go will benefit from the included fast charging base. A half hour in the charger will give you up to 8 hours of sound.

The SmartRIC offers direct Bluetooth streaming from various Android™ and Apple devices. For those requiring additional hearing support, Widex SmartRIC hearing aids are compatible with the Widex Moment app. The app allows users to take control of their hearing experience with remote control functionality. SmartRIC hearing aids are also compatible with Widex’s TV Play, Sound Assist, Sound Connect, RC-DEX, and COM-DEX.

Widex Tinnitus Zen Therapy

Widex is a leader in tinnitus management. Their Zen Therapy is offered in most hearing aid models and consists of four main components that can be tailored to a client’s individual needs. These four components are counseling, amplification, sound stimulation via ZEN, and stress reduction.

Zen tones are fractal tones generated by the hearing aid that have been shown to help tinnitus sufferers relax, reduce tinnitus annoyance, and reduce stress. A Zen program is available on all of Widex’s newer hearing aids.

Widex also offers a free Widex Zen - Tinnitus Management app. The app can be used as a supplement to the hearing aids and provides clients with further tools and resources to help them manage the impact of their tinnitus.

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