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Hearing Aid Service Plan Options

Hearing aid service plan options are unique to Clayton Park Audiology. Following a comprehensive needs assessment, together you and your audiologist will decide on a service plan that makes sense for your individual needs and budget. Clients can opt for a traditional bundled hearing aid service plan or an unbundled fee-for-service plan.

Our unbundled service plan makes it easy for clients looking to transfer to our clinic.

Bundled Service Plan

Enjoy the convenience and peace-of-mind of our hearing aid service plan included in the purchase of your new hearing aids. Our service plan includes:

  • 5 years of unlimited audiological care and hearing aid services
  • 3 to 4-year electronic warranty for minor and major hearing aid repairs (no deductible required)
  • 3-year loss and damage warranty
  • 3-year supply of hearing aid batteries (if using non-rechargeable hearing aids)
  • 5-year supply of small hearing aid supplies and cleaning tools
  • On-going support, counseling, and educational resources

*Our unlimited audiological care and hearing aid services include hearing tests, wax removal, hearing aid adjustments, in-house hearing aid repair, and hearing aid clean and checks.

60-Day Hearing Aid Trial

Hearing connects us to people and allows us to communicate in a way none of our other senses can. It enriches how we experience our interactions with loved ones, alerts us to danger, and helps us relax when in nature or listening to music. Treatment for hearing loss will benefit not only your ears, but also your cognitive, social, and emotional wellbeing.

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The Importance of Follow-Up Care
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Service Plan

For Out-of-Clinic Transfers

To purchase a service plan, your hearing aid(s) must be in good working order and must not be over 5 years old. We can service most hearing aid manufacturers. Please contact our clinic for more information. Service plans are non-refundable.



Feel empowered with more choice and individualized care.

Our philosophy is quite simple: Treat people how they want to be treated. Being truly independent means we can offer appropriate follow-up care and a variety of hearing aid brands.