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Bernadette Russo

“As I do not like to be poked and prodded, I was very afraid to get my hearing tested. I am neurodivergent and was also concerned about whether there would be an understanding of APS (auditory processing disorder). I was also afraid of being sold hearing aids based on my gray hair instead of an actual need. Lyndsay Bozec IS AMAZING! She was professional, COMPETENT, thorough, patient, respectful, and kind. Ms. Bozec did not overly convolute the process nor the discussion of my diagnosis. At every step, I was informed of my options, what everything meant, the implications of my results, and a range of treatment options. Once it was determined that I need hearing aids and I agreed to this treatment route, Ms. Bozec took the time to explain the differences between hearing aid options and actually recommended the least expensive of the options because it fit my needs the best. Ms. Bozec is the owner of this center as well as the practitioner, and she could have easily tried to up sell, but she didn’t. I could write so much more here in recommendation and praise of Clayton Park Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, but suffice to say that I HIGHLY recommend Ms. Bozec and her facility.”


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Lyndsay Bozec


Lyndsay is a passionate advocate for hearing health awareness and hearing preservation. Over the years she has delivered various hearing health presentations and hearing aid workshops for caregiver workshops across HRM.

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